Sunday, May 31, 2020

World no Tobacco day

World no Tobacco day

Every year World Health Organisation (WHO) organizes World no Tobacco day on 31st May to highlight the health risks of using tobacco and to encourage governments to make policies that help in reducing smoking. According to WHO smoking kills more than 8 million people around the world every year.World no Tobacco day is aimed at providing a counter marketing campaign and empower young people to engage in fight against Big Tobacco.

The World no Tobacco Day 2020 global campaign will serve to:-

1.Debunk myths and expose manipulation tactics employed by the tobacco and other related industries, particularly marketing tactics targeted at youths, including introduction of latest and novel products, flavours and other attractive features.

2.Equip youth with knowledge about tobacco and related industries intentions and tactics to hook current and future generations on tobacco and nicotine products.

3.Empower influencers to protect and defend youth and catalyse change by engaging them in fight against Big Tobacco.

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